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My Story

Growing up as a child, my mother would give me medicines and additional nutrients such as fish oil. We all remember the times when we were fed fish oil with a large tablespoon. At the time I really didn’t understand why I had to consume it, only that I accepted my mother’s words of wisdom that it was good for me and made me smarter. I did, however, find this hard to believe as I didn’t consider fish highly intelligent, on the contrary, I found them rather easy to predict, catch and unpleasantly smelly.

So, when I left home I stopped taking the fish oil!

However, as I grew older and got more informed I was persuaded to use Omega-3 capsules as a daily supplement to my diet.
But still without a clear understanding of why and if it made any difference.

Then a very good and very healthy Norwegian friend of mine introduced me to the Omega Ratio Test and Pure Artic Oil that he had been taking for years.

The Omega Ratio test kit helped me easily and quickly know my Omega-3 level and its ratio with Omega 6. After 4 months of taking EQ Pure Artic Oil another test showed that my Omega 3 ratio had improved, and it is now near the recommended levels for a healthy body.

Today, I now know that fish oil and olive oil are providing my body with the essentials that are very important for my health, so eqbrium was created to provide everyone with access to the knowledge and nutritional products to bring balance to your health.

I wish I had known that then, so let’s make then, now!

Michael Foltinger – eqbrium.



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